For over 10 years AdsNigeria Team have been working hard online improving conversions for businesses worldwide. We have worked with companies like Thisday Nigeria, The News Nigeria, BMW, FHM , ROVER, MINI, Sony Music, UBA, Union Bank, Nigerian Embassy and other multinational organizations worldwide and in Nigeria.

AdsNigeria is our newest service which has only been used for our private clients.

Today AdsNigeria takes an innovative approach to affiliate marketing in Nigeria and surpasses industry standards – taking their CPA (Cost per Action) and CPC (Cos per click) affiliate network to the next level.

Ads Nigeria is the most advanced, smart and profitable solution in Nigeria today and will continue to evolve as the market changes so your business is always one step ahead of the competition.

We understand business in Nigeria, and Ads Nigeria is the only solution you will ever need to manage your online advertising campaign whether you are interested in building traffic, getting signups, improving sales or simply to create awareness for your business

Ads Nigeria was carefully designed to provide partners with a progressive 24/7 full-service management platform dedicated to optimizing revenue generation for both its Advertisers (Merchants) and Publishers (Affiliates)

We have strict guidelines, and a fully automated security and fraud protection system which gives you access to the highest quality of traffic that converts, and for affiliates reputable companies that have a trusted brand.

Our team of experts are dedicated to your success and will work around the clock to assist in maximizing a campaign’s performance.


Ads Nigeria is focused on delivering unprecedented efficiency in the buying and selling of online advertising for traffic and lead generation that eventually converts in the highest sales through our top of the line CPA (Cost per action) and CPC (cost per click )programs.

Advertisers leverage AdsNigeria network to receive optimized and targeted reach at a dynamically efficient pricing option, while Publishers realize the benefit of their traffic and influence to generate a healthy and steady income.

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