Advance Tracking & Reporting

Ads Nigeria is unique. Our advanced Tracking and Reporting system has been carefully tailored to suit the Nigerian market.

With hundreds of features, Ads Nigeria can track the following

  • Traffic
  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Leads
  • Sales

Below are highlights of some of our tracking and reporting features:

Campaigns, Commissions and Promotional Materials

AdsNigeria appeals to any business, whether you are selling subscriptions, physical goods, or your goal is to build awareness.

You can set up an unlimited number of campaigns each with different commission structures. You may chose to pay per impressions (website visits),  clicks, per sign up, per sale, fixed amounts, amounts based on a percentage, multi-tier and/or recurring.

Improve conversions with image banners, Brandable PDF’s, text links, Flash banners, and HTML banners. Easily managed through the Advertiser control panel.

Ads Nigeria advanced tracking system was designed for Nigeria. The technology ensures maximum reliability using real time tracking of ip and flash cookies

  • The most secure tracking System Combining Normal Cookies, Flash Cookies and IP Address.
  • Tracks Impressions, Clicks, Commissions
  • Full Transaction history
  • Configurable Cookie Lifetime
  • Advanced fraud protection
  • Detailed debugging
  • Refund Management
  • Multiple Commission tracking
  • Manual or Automated Commission Approval
  • Timed or Lifetime Commissions settings
  • GeoIP targetting Tracking
  • more…

Advanced Payments and Invoicing Tracking

Ads Nigeria makes life easy by automatically computing earned commissions by your affiliate partners. And helps you make your payouts while maintaining full history for accounting purposes.

Ads Nigeria offers real-time reporting of every aspect of Advertiser and Publisher activity, with ability to  see daily, weekly, monthly or annual performance report.

  • Fancy details Flash Reports For Both Advertisers and Publishers
  • Instant Daily Report of Impressions, Clicks, Leads and Sales
  • Important Trends Report
  • Consistent Raw clicks Report
  • Up to date Commissions Report
  • Sub-affiliate Statistics
  • All types of Banner Impressions, Clicks and Click Through Ratios
  • Top Publishers Graph Reports
  • Top Campaigns Graph Reports
  • Top Referring URLs Graph Reports
  • Non Performing Affiliate Publisher Report