General Information

Online businesses in Nigeria are looking for innovative ways to build traffic, leads and make more sales.

At the same time Nigerian Publishers seek to generate advertising revenue from their website traffic and responsive mailings lists.

Even if there is a demand, businesses often lack in time or size to deal directly with multiple large businesses. Tracking and managing commissions for services is also not that easy.

It has been proven that Recommendations and endorsements are the most effective way to improve conversions and Ads Nigeria acts as a single point of contact between advertisers and publishers, acting as their trusted source for tracking and managing promotional campaigns.

Nigerian Publishers benefit from having access to hundreds of top advertisers that compliment their niche and Advertisers benefit from being able to manage different  campaigns  and thousands of publishers without having to recruit them.

Ads Nigeria is an advertising platform that brings together merchants and affiliates and helps manage all forms of online advertising

As an independent organization, Ads Nigeria is backed up by over 10 years experience of helping online businesses build traffic, leads and make more sales in Nigeria and internationally.

Also the Ads Nigerian system offers one of the most advanced advertising and tracking system online today.

Merchant Information

Yes and No. Our goal is to serve the Nigerian market and our services are open to Nigerian Merchants. The only exception is international organizations with a Nigerian presence.

You get access to your own control panel where you can view offer 24/7 and in real time reports on all your activities.
see Advanced Tracking

Advertising your business using Ads Nigeria is very easy. Your first step is to click the sign up button at the top of the page and follow the steps. Your

account will usually be approved within 24 hrs.

There is no setup fee, however As a new publisher you will be required to top up your account with advertising credits, which will be used against your

advertising cost and we charge 2% transaction fee for payouts

You decide and you only pay for results. As a merchant you will decide how much you want to pay, and what kind of campaign you want to run.
You can pay per thousand impressions, per click, per lead and per sale or a combination of all

You can setup as many different commission rates and combinations for different affiliates.

No. you are free to start or stop your campaign at anytime. However you will need to notify your affiliates

Affiliates are paid on the 15th of every month from your deposit.

Ads Nigeria Advanced tracking system uses normal cookies, flash cookies and ip tracks traffic, leads, sales from your affiliates and automatically creates

reports for you inside your control panel.

That’s why Ads Nigeria was created. We host thousands of affiliates in our network who are always looking to promote reputable businesses like yours. We will

work with you to create the most attractive campaign and our affiliates will see your program listed in the appropriate category.

You can also decide to recruit your own affiliates through your website.

You can create campaigns that require manual approval before your affiliate can start promoting. Additionally you can create private campaigns to allow only

invited affiliates to promote your product or services

Each affiliate is given a unique tracking id which is embedded in your links and banners. Any activity on a specific banner or link is automatically tracked

by our system and automatically recorded into both the Merchant and affiliate panel

During your setup, we will require you to place a tracking code on your website thank you page where a user will land if an action is successful. We have the

most advanced fraud detection system so that no affiliate can cheat their way to more commissions.

99% of people have cookies enabled on their computer.Cookies are an integral part of the web, they are important for daily tasks like signing in to check

emails, to log onto Facebook etc.

We offer the most advanced tracking system, and even if cookies are not turned on, we also use ip to track activities.

Ads Nigeria technology utilizes a combination of automated tools to prevent fraud. Additionally we manually monitor merchants and affiliates alike to make

sure all parties are not involved in any suspicious activities. Our fraud policies are very strict and we do not allow second chances.

In order to track leads and sales accordingly, and to calculate commissions correctly we will give you a small piece of HTML code to publish on your website

thank you page. We are here to assist you if you require installation help.

Yes, we have a separate service to help you setup, manage and also create the banners required for your campaign

Your will automatically be approved as soon as you make your initial credit deposit

Yes, we encourage that you build a relationship with your affiliates so that they promote you even harder.

We do not promote porn, gambling or illegal businesses. If we feel your business model is not suitable for our network, we reserve the right not to approve

your offer.

Affiliates Information

An affiliate is independent organization or person who promotes a product or service to potential customers, in exchange for a commission on the sale when one occurs or a lead is generated, or a certain action which is agreed upon.

For example an affiliate can earn commission per impressions, clicks, leads and
sales depending on the campaign.

A merchant is an organization or individual who has a business and wants to sell their products of sells a product or service through affiliates.

The Merchants create a campaign on Ads Nigeria and pay commissions to affiliates for a set action which could be traffic impressions, clicks, leads and sales or a combination of different actions.

Performance marketing also known as Affiliate marketing is a method for Ads Nigerian Merchants to increase traffic, sales or leads by paying for results

For example, A merchant will agree to pay a certain amount only when a sale is made, or per sign up. Some Merchants may reward affiliates for traffic generated as well.

Our network is unique. We do all the heavy lifting by bringing Merchants and Affiliates tgether in an unbiased environment for the sole purpose of increasing
revenue for both Merchants and Affiliates Payments are on time, and traffic is targetted to provide the highest conversion.

YES. There is no cost to join and to start promoting. However you will need to have a valid website, email address in order to participate.

Ads Nigeria may review/reject/accept any application for any reason. We strive to bring in quality sites to our network, both affiliate and merchant alike.

As an affiliate, you have access to your affiliate panel 27/7. You will be able to
view and download detailed report about your earning and activities.

Merchants in Ads Nigeria mostly serve the Nigerian market. You can join Ads

Nigeria no matter where you live and you can promote Merchants in Ads Nigeria
if the traffic is relevant to the merchant.

With our geo targeting feature, Merchant can choose where they want traffic from.

We offer the most advanced tracking system tailored for the Nigerian Market
We use Normal cookies, Flash Cookies to track traffic, leads and sales through
affiliates websites.

We respect user’s privacy and our traffic feature does not store any identifiable
information specific to that user except the information used to identify affiliate generated commissions Upon an event, such as a lead or a sale, we are able to determine the total amount of commission paid to the affiliate, and the affiliate that was responsible for that sale.

Each affiliate gets a unique tracking code which is used to track the affiliates

Commissions are paid on the 15th of every month straight to your account after
Merchant have reviewed commissions.

The merchants generally do all that for you. They will generate banners and emails of different sizes and targets so that you can simply copy and paste. Of course if you feel that your creatives can convert better, you are welcome to create your own.

If you can copy and paste, then that’s all you need. You will also need to be able to load the banners onto your website which your webmaster can do for you.

You can get started as quickly as just a few minutes

Incentive traffic is when a publisher offers a surfer a reward of some kind (virtual or real) to sign up to an advertiser through their publisher link. A potential publisher must understand that while Ads Nigeria does allow some forms of incentive traffic, publishers using incentive traffic will be limited to advertising only the few ad campaigns which accept it. Most campaigns do not accept incentive traffic. We’re very selective on the kinds of incentive traffic we accept and very strict on incentive publisher adherence to only advertising the campaigns which allow it. Generally speaking, potential publishers who purchase or license common GPT (Get Paid To) incentive scripts, will not be accepted into the network due the higher level of problematic leads they seem to generate.