Glossary of Terms

Action: A sale, lead, or submit following a PepperJam Exchange click through

Advertiser: An advertiser is an online retailer whose products are being promoted by publishers

Banner Ad: A digital advertisement used to advertise a advertiser’s products or services

Click: Metric that measures the consumers’ reaction to an ad

Click Through: The action of following a link within an advertisement or editorial content to another Web site or another page or frame within the Web site

Commission: Compensation of a flat fee, cost per action (CPA) or percentage-of-sale basis

Confirmation Page: The page displayed after a purchase is completed or a form is submitted

Conversion: When a desired action occurs (IE: sale)

Conversion Rate: The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who take a desired action. To calculate a conversion rate take the total conversions, divide by the total clicks and multiply 100 (total conversions/clicks x 100).

Cookie: Information stored on a visitor’s computer for remembering preferences or storing tracking information so that advertisers know which publisher directed a visitor to their site

Cookie Duration: A set period of time that a cookie will be stored on a visitors’ computer for purposes of tracking return visits

CPA (Cost-per-Action): In CPA campaigns, the advertiser only pays for a completed sale typically involving a credit card transaction. Similar to a CPL campaign, once the user completes the desired action, the advertiser will pay a flat payout to the publisher who drove the user to the advertiser’s site

CPL (Cost-per-Lead): In CPL campaigns, advertisers pay for qualified, interested leads— i.e. the contact information of a person interested in the advertiser’s product or service. In CPL campaigns, consumers submit only basic contact information; the transaction can be as simple as an email address or as complex as a multi-page membership acquisition program. Once the user’s information is submitted, the advertiser pays a commission to the publisher who drove the user to the advertiser’s site.

CPM: Cost per Thousand Impressions

CPS (Cost-per-Sale): – The advertiser pays a percentage of the sale referred by the publisher

Deep Linking: Linking directly to a page other than the homepage

Domain A computer or group of computers on a network that are administered under the same protocol (IE:

EPC (Earnings per Click): Commissions Earned / Number of Clicks. This number is often used to determine and predict profitability. For instance, if you are spending 12 cents to generate a click and your EPC is 20 cents, you are “earning” 8 cents every time you generate a click. Note that EPC is variable and is greatly influenced by the nature and quality of the traffic flowing into and out of your Web site

Gateway Merchant: The type of advertiser that does not log all transactions through Pepperjam and instead uses a URL with special parameters (name & value pairs) that enable the Pepperjam tracking tool to log the transactions

Home Page: A website’s main or index page

Impression: How many times a consumer views a creative

Incentivized Traffic: Visitors that receive compensation (incentives) for visiting a site

Landing Page: The page that visitors are directed to after clicking a link, usually a paid link or advertisement. It is targeted at providing that visitor with the promotion, product, or service offered in the link they clicked, and designed to capture information or make a sale

Performance Based Marketing: When you pay for an action taken by a consumer online. A type of revenue sharing program where a publisher receives a commission/ CPA for generating a lead or sale for a advertiser

Publisher: A publisher promotes a advertiser’s products to earn a commission for each referred sale

Standard Advertiser: The type of advertiser that logs all website transactions through Pepperjam. Tracking these transactions can be done from anywhere in the website and does not require a specific “landing page”

Super Affiliate: A publisher that performs extremely well and generates a large percentage of a advertiser’s activity

Text Ad: A text-based link used to advertise a advertiser’s products or services

Tracking Pixel: An iframe or image (1×1 pixel) used to place tracking information on a visitor’s computer, usually placed on the sale confirmation page

URL: Uniform resource locator; an address or location on the internet (IE:

Commonly used Promotional Method Terms:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC): paid search
  • Search-engine optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Loyalty
  • Niche Content (i.e. content writers / bloggers)
  • Coupon / value proposition / discount
  • Shopping mall
  • Product feed
  • Comparison shopping