Merchant Solutions

A merchant on Ads Nigeria is an organization or individual  wants to sell more of their product or service through affiliate partners.

You decide which affiliates to approve and only pay for performance based on pre-set criteria.

    Ads Nigeria is a performance marketing network serving the Nigerian market. We bring together Merchants and Affiliates to help manage their online marketing efforts.

    Gain access the Largest Network of exclusive Publishers/Affiliates for Nigerian businesses.

    Leverage the latest in “performance based marketing” technology combined with insider local marketing expertise.

    – Get maximum exposure for your business
    – Stay within your budget
    – Pay only for results
    – Build qualified leads quickly
    – Boost your conversion rate
    – Grow your business quickly
    – Fast, secure and complete fraud prevention
    – Advance tracking and reporting system
    – more…

    When you setup your account as a Merchant (Your Ads Nigeria account Manager will help you) – you get to decide which action will constitute a commission and how much that commission will be. You can chose to pay commissions to affiliates for a set action which could be traffic impressions, clicks, leads and sales or a combination of different actions.

    Once your account is setup, you are able to create campaigns, easily upload  different sizes and types of banners, text links, PDF and flash.

    Ads Nigeria Affiliate will choose from your available creative and begin sending online visitors using their own individual traffic generation efforts.

    We an action is fulfilled (traffic, leads or sales), the referring Ads Nigerian affiliate will receive a commission according to your set rates and criteria

    On the 15th of every month, the amount will pay affiliates from your deposit after you approve the commissions

    Program Management

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